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About the home installs the curtain design considerations

On the curtain of the points for attention during the design of domestic outfit: a home unavoidably exist to owe beautiful place, you may expect designers through the choice of decoration materials, personalized design, to cover up the deficiency of the room.


But can not be ignored as a "soft furniture" curtain also has the drawback of the secret room function:


1. The room bar pattern can be increased In the case of tall enough, room area is too large, or when decorate condole top, give a person a kind of oppressive feeling. The easiest way, is to choose the color by strong bar pattern of the curtain, and try not to shade head. Use plain coloured curtain, also can appear simple and lively, can reduce depressive feeling. In addition, can use litre fall shade.


2. The light color fabric can let a room have burnish light rock-bottom residence and bad front room, it is the most dissatisfied with the light of the problem. "hardware" although less, but you can rely on "software" to "packaging". When such room installs a curtain, should give priority to with light color, figure case should be compact, with shiny reflective material fabric cloth art will decorate wall, for instance, cotton adds the curtain of silk fabrics, also can use "gauze shade" thin fabric, such as or decorate a style appropriate to choose according to their own With attrib wattle shutter


3. Light cool color fabric to make the room appears capacious Small room, can choose light color, the curtain that cool color moves to decorate, because light color. Ling color can create a spacious. Elegant visual effect. Or with plain and neat, small shape design, the result is right also.


4. Shorter horizontal stripes pattern curtains make narrow room On too narrow a long room, can choose the curtain that transverse linear design, let a room to add fertilizer. In addition, can contain striking pattern in the two upright installation of long, narrow room cloth art, one aspect of the matter is the curtain that has practical function, another end is adornment shade, such around echo, also can arise shorten the effect of the distance


5. The appropriate window is too small to install litre fall shade Bedroom window is small, the installation of heavy fabric of the be born curtain, will produce heavy, burdensome visual effect. Therefore, had better install litre fall shade, Roman shade, etc

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